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Obtain an Application Form from the BUIB Admission Secretariat.
Attend a brief counseling session on campus with our Academic Counselors.
Fill the Form accordingly.
Review filled Form and Required Documents with any available BUIB Official or BUIB Academic Counselors.
Submit the Application Form with all Required Documents as stipulated above to the Admission Secretariat.


Download the Application  Form from the BUIB website or Click here.

Fill the Form accordingly.

Alternatively, come to BUIB Campus with the Application Form alongside the Application fee.
There shall be separate fee for late application which shall be determined by the University from time to time.

Fill the Application Form and submit it to the Registry with the following documents attached:

  1. One clean Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  2. One clean Certified copy of GCE O’L Certificate/Result Slip or Probatoire
  3. One clean Certified copy of GCE A’L Certificate/Result Slip or BAC
  4. Copy of national ID Card (passport for international candidates).
  5. Letter of Sponsorship.
  6. Two passport Size photos 
  7. Original copy of the application fee receipt of 15, 000 frs (keep a photocopy jealously)

NB:  Students with foreign degrees/certificates should follow the information carefully 


Given that the minimum entry requirement for programmes running under the auspices Ministry of higher education are predetermined by the ministry as Two (02) Advance level passes (excluding Religion ) and other specific defined for each programme;

Given that the Higher National Diploma (HND) is a requirement for the one year top-up conversion for a Bachelor’s degree and it is equivalent to A’ level (or its equivalence)  plus two years or three years of training (specific to specialty) in the field of biomedical Sciences;

All students seeking admission into the school of Health of the Biaka University institute of Buea, presenting with foreign academic credential would be assigned to classes as follows;

  • Student presenting with foreign credentials equivalent to the A’ Level shall be assigned to level one in the programme for which he/she was granted admission.
  • Students presenting with HND obtained from a foreign institution with proof of adequate course coverage, shall be assigned directly to the Bachelors class provided the HND was obtain in the same specialty as that for which the student seeks admission
  • Students presenting with HND or Diploma obtain from a foreign institute short of the required number years of training (or without proof of adequate course coverage), or HND that was not obtain in the specialty as that for which the student seeks admission, shall be assigned to HND class (level to be determined by a jury constituted by the school of Health Sciences upon study of presented credentials)
  • Students seeking admission with foreign credentials would be required to provide relevant equivalence of credentials. Failure to provide equivalence would necessitate the students to register for, and take the HND examination provided by the Ministry of Higher Education. Where otherwise indicated, student would be duly informed.
  • Students seeking admission with foreign diploma or certificate would be required to provide his/her academic transcript forwarded directly to the school by the institution whence the diploma or certificate was obtained.

Specifics for Programmes

1. Higher National Diploma (HND) Programmes – 2 A’ level passes (excluding Region) or Equivalence

• HND Nursing – 2 A’ level
• HND Medical Laboratory Science – 2 A’ level (science) or Equivalence
• HND Midwifery- 2 A’ Level including Biology.

2. Bachelor’s Degree (BSc.) In Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science and Midwifery- HND or Equivalence

  • For students with other intermediary diplomas, they could be admitted into different levels based on the criterial listed above and the credentials presented (the level will be determined by the school Jury of the School of Health Science)

Medical Laboratory Science
• Science of Laboratory Technology (SLT) (in Medical Laboratory discipline)- MLS level 2
• Science of Laboratory Technology (SLT) (in non-Medical Laboratory discipline)- MLS level 1
• Science of Laboratory Technology (SLT) (in Medical Laboratory Assistants)- MLS Level 2
• Science of Laboratory Technology (SLT) (in Medical Laboratory Technician)- MLS Level 3
• Degree in other Science field ( BCH/MCB) – MLS Level 2

• Basic Nursing – HND Level 3
• Post Basic Nursing (Equivalences) – HDN Level 3/ BSc.
NB: Candidates maybe admitted directly into Direct BSc. programmes


Account Name: Biaka Francisca Hongla
Account Number No. 3002172977
For All Higher National Diploma (HND) Program – $1025
For All Bachelor Degree: Program $1350

NB: Admission letter will be sent upon reception of 1/3 of tuition free


  1. Collect your Admission letter from the Registry.
  2. Pay the minimum first installment fees indicated in your Admission Letter
  3. Stamp and register Receipt of first Installment at the Finance office
  4. Students shall Collect and fill/complete their form B from their Heads of Departments (HODs) who shall forward same to the Directors for Signature.
  5. Photocopies of completed Form B shall be deposited with Directors who shall forward one copy to the Registry. (The student should jealously keep the original copy)
  6. Students who do not submit the Form B to their HODs shall not be permitted to attend lectures.

Biaka University Institute Buea provides a conducive and enabling environment for learning, with the best professionals you can find in Cameroon on her teaching staff.  All the St. Francis schools have been upgraded to Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB), mentored by the University of Buea. This upgrade gave BUIB the onus to run three schools- Health Sciences, Education and Management Sciences. Courses offered run from HND to Bachelors in the various schools.

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