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BUIB: BSc. Thesis Defense takes place in the School of Health Sciences

Over 300 final year students of the School of Health Sciences in Biaka University Institute of Buea BUIB are currently defending their thesis as one of the prerequisites for the award of a Bachelor of Science degree in their various disciplines. The excellent performances of these students from the department of Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmaceutical Studies, Allied Health,   Public Health and Administration, have this far proven to the panelists and spectators that they have a mastery of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their period of undergraduate studies at BUIB.


Talking to the Director of the school Mr. Njoping Christopher, who over the years coordinated the activities of the school to ensure quality in the process of teaching, the work presented by students this far is of great quality and would serve as openings for future research by the school. Supporting this assertion, the assistant director of the school Mr. Folefack Alexander, expressed satisfaction with the level of commitment, discipline and knowledge acquisition exhibited by the students from the formulation of project topics till the defense proper. According to him, these students are not only ripe academically for the job market, but they carry with them moral virtues which will boost their success in the field of practice.

For the students, this academic exercise helps to stimulate their minds on critical thinking which is research based and gives students the opportunity to identify issues and propose solutions for the benefit of the community at large.

As they complete this academic exercise, all successful students are expected to be part of the graduation ceremony slated sometime in November/December this year.

BUIB: New Programs Approved In the School of Education

A total of 10 new Undergraduate Programs and 16 new Postgraduate Programs have been validated to run in the School of Education in Biaka University Institute of Buea. This approval was made today the 25th of May 2022 during the signing ceremony of framework and specific agreement between the University of Buea (UB) and Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB), which took place in the boardroom of the Central Administrative building in UB.

Presiding at the event, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Professor Horace Ngomo Manga explained that the government mandates Private Higher Education Institutions with the responsibility to assist the government in providing quality education which meets the standards set by the Ministry of Higher Education. In the process of implementing this activity the state ensures that quality is being maintained via mentorship of private institutions by state universities. In the case of Biaka University Institute of Buea, Professor Horace articulated clearly that BUIB is a true reflection of the quality UB wants to see in other mentee institutions. He appreciated the structural and human resource capacities of BUIB and reaffirmed UB’s commitment to accompany BUIB in her Strives to train students with the audacity to be different.

Speaking at the event, the representative of the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education Mme  Aboui Claire added her voice to congratulate BUIB for the excellent work in educating the leaders of tomorrow.

These new programs approved to run in the School of Education in BUIB, are extensions to the undergraduate and master’s programs of the school.

It is worth noting that BUIB is currently licensed to run 51 postgraduate programs and 35 undergraduate programs.

The School of Education it should be noted runs alongside BUIB’s two other schools-the school of Management Sciences and the School of Health Sciences.

School of Agriculture. Available Soon!

Preparations are ongoing to host the new agricultural school of Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB). Over 2.5 hectares of land has been acquired in Mutengene –a town in the South West Region of Cameroon. Located by the major road linking Buea and Mutengene, this area is characterized by volcanic soil, humors in nature and strategically located for the teaching and research farm of the School.

The vision for this practical site is for the running of an integrated system of agriculture; a system of farming that utilizes different agricultural components in order to lower costs and raise efficiency of the farm. This process will involve combining crop production with livestock management that complement each other in a way that is economically viable and profitable, environmentally friendly, and benefiting from the diversity of production.

Visiting the site lately, a team from BUIB recorded positive reactions as the current work being done on the farm land is satisfactory. Currently crops like maize are being grown and organic fertilizers used in improving the yield.

Another practical farm acquired by BUIB is a 2.3 hectare of land in Wonya Nango – a village located in the upper part of Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon. Crops grown on this site currently include soya beans, plantain and yams.

BUIB looks forward to operating the School of Agriculture come the academic year 2022-2023. The School would serve the populace as a source of training, employment and food production.

BUIB Holds 10th Senate Meeting

Students of Biaka university institute f Buea (BUIB) have their ears on the ground as they await the release of the first semester examinations for the 2021/2022 academic year. This anxiety is again triggered by the 10th senate meeting of BUIB which took place on Wednesday the 7th of April 2022 in the conference room of the university. The meeting aimed at approving undergraduate and postgraduate results of the school of Health Sciences and the School of Management Sciences. During the meeting chaired by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Mrs. Francisca Hongla Biaka, ,the senate approved these results while praising the office of Exams , the directors of Schools and close collaborators who ensured a hitch -free first semester examination session.
At the senate, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics and Research Prof. Fonkeng George called on lecturers to remain devoted as they carry out their work for the good of the students and the university at large. Senate members were equally reminded to take up the responsibility in ensuring that students are discipline on campus especially regarding their dressing and attitudes towards attending classes. Class attendance was reiterated to be an important aspect in the training of students and must be taken seriously by students as well as lecturers.
It was also noted that the School of Education will be taking their exams soon.
The first semester results for the 2021/2022 school year shall be made available to students in the hours ahead.

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