Biaka Hospital laboratory Named after Dr. Charles Namme Menyoli

St Veronica Medical Center Buea (BUIB teaching Hospital) commonly known as Biaka Hospital, has named its laboratory after Dr Charles Namme Menyoli one of Cameroon’s finest entrepreneurs. Known for his love for quality and philanthropic works amongst other attributes, this move by Biaka Hospital is in recognition of this iconic figure for his surport of over 4 Million Francs CFA to the hospital.

In an opening address by the Medical director of Biaka Hospital Dr. Fon Tita, he stated clearly that the funds have been used meticulously to improve on the laboratory for better services to the present and future generations who will make use of the hospital’s services.


The CEO and Chair of St Veronica Medical Center Dr. Mrs Francisca Hongla Biaka while handing a special gift of recognition for the kind gesture by Dr. Charles Namme Menyoli, thanked him for his love and concern towards the Biaka Hospital and promised to keep the hospital up to standard for quality services to the community.

In response to this honor, barrister Evanjoh Abel Nyoki, representing Dr. Charles Namme Menyoli, apreciated the management of the hospital for their exceptional services and notted that to Dr. Menyoli, Biaka Hospital is “Home”.

The event was crowned with a visit to the renovated laboratory which has in place amongst other things a Centrifuge used for the separation of fliuds and specimen, an air conditioner, a computer for data storage and printing of lab results. The laboratory has equally been compartmentalized.

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