BUIB: Level One and Two HND Students test their knowledge

Some 2,300 level one and two students of the Higher National Diploma programs (HND) in the School of Management Sciences and Health Sciences at Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) are currently sitting in for the second semester examination of the 2021/2022 school year. Talking to the Director of Exams – Dr. Mrs.  Veronica Ika Visemih on procedures put in place for a hitch free examination, she stated that all is set for the smooth running of this exams as she and her team ensured that students had the exams time table well ahead of time. She equally added that there is respect for the sitting plan put in place, all necessary checks being done on time and a system instituted to handle any form of challenges or emergencies that might occur during the period.

According to the Coordinator of exams Mme Honorine Tanga, the students this far have exhibited seriousness and the desire to succeed in flying colors. Referred to as the pride of BUIB, these students are expected not only to produce excellent performances but also to live beyond BUIB as models who  carry the right content  and character necessary to practice in their different domains of expertise.

While the level three HND students and the BSc. students are currently witnessing a period of rest, the post graduate students in both the School of Management Sciences and the School of Health Sciences, would be taking on their exams in the days ahead.

Taking place in the calm environment of Biaka University Institute of Buea, the HND exams are expected to run from today Tuesday the 28th of June, to Wednesday the 6th of July 2022.


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