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Nurses Led Rural Diabetes Prevention and Management, WDF16-1437

The project seeks to improve access to diabetes care in rural communities in the South Western Region of Cameroon through the capacity building of nurses and student nurses.


• To create a contextualized diabetes self-care guide for Cameroon.
• To train 54 student nurses from Biaka University and 18 health centre nurses as diabetes care providers.
• To establish a functional diabetes prevention and care unit in the health centres of all selected rural communities.
The project will initially be prepared through the establishment of an internal as well as an external monitoring team that will include members from the Ministry of Health (MoH). Subsequently, contextualised diabetes self-care guides will be developed and reviewed by and expert committee before being printed. Training curriculum that was developed during a pilot phase preceding the project will then be reviewed, after which nurses to be trained will be selected in collaboration with MoH. Once all training material is ready IEC materials will also be developed.
Capacity building of nurses will be carried out through two day trainings of student nurses from Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) and of primary health centre nurses (two days and one day refresher) within diabetes care. Student nurses to be posted at the primary health centres (PHC) for 12 weeks field training following the two day courses.
Diabetes care in selected PHCs will be enhanced through establishment of diabetes units and provision of equipment (glucometers, BP machines, foot kits), and roll out of screening and treatment across these selected communities. This will be followed by community awareness raising and mobilisation through recruitment and training of community health workers, distribution of IEC material, campaigns and screening sessions. Referral systems will be strengthened through exchange seminars between diabetes units at primary level in rural areas and regional diabetes clinics at secondary level in urban areas.
Expected results
• 54 student nurses trained in diabetes care.
• 18 nurses from public PHC trained in diabetes care.
• Six diabetes care units established and equipped at PHCs in remote rural communities.
• Referral systems to secondary level diabetes centres strengthened.
• 12 community health workers trained in community mobilisation.
• 18 screening and awareness campaigns conducted.
• 6,000 people screened for diabetes.
• At least 360 diagnosed with diabetes and referred for treatment.


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