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Welcome to the School of Management Sciences of Biaka University Institute of Buea, where you will find a community devoted to preparing students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience for careers and successes in the business world. Rigorous academics, career-focused professional development, mentor-ship, and participation in extracurricular activities are fused to create the Needed Experience at the School of Management Sciences.

Ready to work with the best? Our staff are passionate about teaching and are recognized for quality scholarship and dedicated service to their students and to the community. They strive to keep their classrooms interesting, current, and dynamic with a focus on the practical application of business theory to real world problems. We have a multidisciplinary package which makes our students not only to develop expertise in their business discipline, but also the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems. This combination of skills prepares graduates for success in the global marketplace.

Want more than a solid curriculum? Your business education extends well beyond the classroom with opportunities like study abroad, student organizations, industrial visits, internships and many more. Our students compete in national and international academic competitions. The school partners with national and international universities and corporate bodies. These are relevant for your exposure.

Looking to your future? Career Services has a staff of career development professionals who will help you research career opportunities in your field, create a professional resume and cover letter, and develop critical interviewing skills. Our network stays engaged by guest speaking engagements on campus, hosting networking events at their firms, mentoring on careers, and sponsoring internships.

Not sure business is your thing? Whether your passion is music, theater arts, healthcare, sports, or a communication discipline, there’s a business aspect to every profession. Students from other disciplines can explore the business behind their calling with an exploratory course or even a complimentary business minor.

Excited? So are we! If you are searching for a school with engaged faculty, a solid foundation, and real-world experiential learning, you’ve found your home at the School of Management Sciences of BUIB. Make a choice now by choosing among our interdisciplinary programs which include; Accounting and Finance, Taxation, Banking and Finance,Insurance and Risk Management, Management,Marketing, Events and Conferences Management, Supply Chain Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Human Resources Management and Health Care Management.

The content and quality of our programs and teachings are world class. These are reflected in various innovative courses and teaching practices which focus on real-world industry and business simulations. In addition to conventional classes, you will have plenty of opportunities to take part in industrial visits, internships, and periods of study at other partner universities. These will prepare you for the challenges that the global economy of today brings with it.

Our doors are opened to you at all times to make your dreams become realities.This is the place where business embraces technology; so, our graduates are business educated, applications focused and success driven!



These programs are mentored by the University of Buea (UB) who is responsible for issuing transcripts and certificates. The options we offer include;

Sn Programme Duration
Department of Accounting and Finance
1) Accounting & Finance 3 years
2) Taxation 3 years
Department of Banking & Finance
3) Banking & Finance 3 years
4) Insurance & Risk Management 3 years
Department of Management
5) Management, 3 years
6) Health Care Management 3 years
7) Marketing 3 years
8) Events &Conferences Management, 3 years
9) Supply Chain Management, 3 years
10) Human Resource Management 3 years
11) Tourism & Hotel Management 3 years


The one year top up programs and the three years direct bachelor’s degree programs are developed taking into considerations the professional needs of the industry and programs of other universities and professional bodies around the world. In this way, graduates of these programs will find a perfect fit in industry and other universities and professional bodies globally. The programs are expected to produce graduates that are competitive in the job market and in various business domains nationally and internationally. These programs are thus comparable to those of other high caliber business schools or faculties of management or business studies around the world and the contents are very rich in theory and practice with lots of emphasis on practice.


 The innovative direct bachelor’s degree programs are in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Health Care Management, Event and Conference Management and Taxation, . Our direct bachelor’s degree programs are unique in that these have been developed based on a labour market needs assessment in Cameroon. Graduates will find employment very easily because various companies need workers in these specializations.



The admission requirements for the HND programs are as specified in the MINESUP Decree authorizing the operation of HND Programs in various institutions of Higher Learning in Cameroon. This includes a pass at the GCE O’ and A’ Levels and BAC or Equivalent Certificates as evaluated by the Admission Board based on MINESUP guidelines.  Religious studies is usually not considered among the subjects.

For the one year top up programs, students need a pass at the HND in the required discipline. The admission requirements for the direct bachelor’s degree programs include a pass at the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels OR Baccalaureate in relevant disciplines, professional certificates that are recognized as equivalent and relevant working experience. Other certificates are evaluated case by case.

In order to graduate, students are expected to validate a minimum of 120 credits for the HND programs, 72 credits for the one year top up programs and 180 credits for the three years Bachelor’s degree programs. These are composed of core or compulsory, elective courses and university requirements.

Biaka University Institute Buea provides a conducive and enabling environment for learning, with the best professionals you can find in Cameroon on her teaching staff.  All the St. Francis schools have been upgraded to Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB), mentored by the University of Buea. This upgrade gave BUIB the onus to run three schools- Health Sciences, Education and Management Sciences. Courses offered run from HND to Bachelors in the various schools.

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