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The challenge of education today is to offer institutions with the experiences that provide students with opportunities to develop necessary skills in solving lifelong problems and dealing with change. Students need to be able to communicate clearly, competently, and confidently from a broad knowledge base in order to make thoughtful and responsible decisions. Achieving these educational goals will provide students with the means to make connections between what they learn and how they live.

Guidance counseling is the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities to achieve optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.

Guidance and counseling implementation in BUIB is student focus for service delivery with a notion of patient-centered care, to improve the health and quality of life for patients and communities we serve through standard guidance protocols in the course of our programs.

BUIB recognizes the extreme importance of discharging its statutory obligations in terms of Guidance and Counselor functions and activities.  These include  Guidance and Counseling activities that are commonly provided at point of entry, during and at the point of exit into its educational settings. (See Table below) 

Guidance and Counseling Activities at Three Points in our Educational Settings

  Guidance Functions/Activities Counseling Functions/Activities
Guidance & Counseling at Point of Entry Orientation,   Self understanding Individual counseling Understanding others including lecturers and more significantly others in the institution Group counseling in the three areas of academic, personal, social, career.
Guidance & Counseling during the Course / Habits Program Advanced Effective study habits Time Management Strategies of keeping steady Academically, socially etc. Test taking behaviors; examination behavior etc Relationships between courses/ programs subject selection and future plans Academic counseling in various forms Stabilizing inter-personal relationships The ethics of examinations, etc.
Guidance & Counseling on Exit Seeking a job, writing applications and gathering information about openings Interview attending skills Exit Orientation etc Life as a young graduate The realities of the world of work Frustrations of seeking for employment Coping with the labor market; Alternatives to paid employments etc.

This will provide benefits to students by addressing their intellectual, emotional, social and psychological needs thereby improving the internal Academic guidance for efficiency.

As universally acknowledged the minimum acceptable guidance and counseling standards are those required by the relevant national and international legislations.  Through a process of performance improvement geared towards Proactive Educational Best practices, and a shared commitment by staff, students and all other collaborators to this initiative, we will not only strive to meet all such standards to excel as a world class institution but also try to supersede them wherever likely and appropriately applicable, thus placing the institution at the fore front of Guidance and Counseling and be a PACESETTER in the Health care delivery and Nursing as well as Business Best Practices.

My role as the Guidance Counselor in BUIB is tailored to reflect the changing face of society and educational needs of its students; to better embrace and cope with the advanced industrialization and the challenges of continual changes of the workplace by broadening their career possibilities based on its programs and activities.

Based also on the definition of my duties, I seek to collaborate with staff and students of all other disciplines to facilitate their well being and learning process by looking into trends and techniques that are problematic and propose solutions or remedies and also embark on reactive crisis management.

I am encouraging students who intend to be part of our prestigious citadel of learning.

I believe you will be able to assimilate the knowledge that will be impacted in you and demonstrate good values. By so doing I hope, Proactive educational best practice will be your success story.

Madam Etengeneng Alice Ebot Tabi

Guidance Counselor – BUIB

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