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Article I:Code of Conduct for all BUIB Students

Biaka University Institute of Buea, an academic haven in her own rights accepts the charge of instituting and ensuring the most convivial environment that will promote the academic, social and moral well-being and advancement of her students. Hence, students should do well to observe the following:

  • Conduct themselves decently and responsibly at all times, whether on or away from BUIB’s campus.
  • No student shall engage his/her fellow student or any member of the institution or public in physical conflicts.
  • Though students are not allowed to be exorbitantly dressed, they are expected to be modest, neat and presentable at all times especially when it concerns formal academic routines like class lectures, clinical and national celebrations/events.
  • All students should contribute to the general cleanliness of the facilities put at their disposal. Thus, they should avoid littering the campus/classrooms and should make maximum use of the trash cans available.
  • No item or furniture belonging to BUIB should be damaged or moved out of the campus without due permission. Consequently, the full cost of lost or damaged property will be borne by the student concerned.
  • The auxiliary staff members of BUIB (security guards, cleaners, technicians, drivers, etc.) are responsible officers of the university. Hence, no student should, on any account insult or assault them. Any student aggrieved or hurt by any employee of BUIB should make a report of their grievance(s) to the Head of Department for Students’ Affairs who shall pursue the matter with the appropriate quarters concerned.
  • Students are cautioned not to smoke, consume dangerous drugs or liquor, and move with dangerous weapons, steal, or engage in any criminal practice in and out of school that will attract the disciplinary wrath of the school. Any case which involves the forces of law and order will not be the concern of BUIB.

NB: There shall be a conduct assessment (for the School of Health only) at the end of each academic year. The numeric score of this assessment will be recorded in the student’s transcript. The BUIB Senate reserves the right to take a decision on students whose conduct scores are below 50%.

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Article II: Rights, Privileges and Obligations of all BUIB Students

BUIB recognizes the fact that students in a university have to enjoy some undeniable rights. Moreover, it is paramount that for students to attain their academic goals, they are obliged to the university in a myriad ways. Such obligations are in exchange for the numerous privileges which the university offers them.


  • The right of membership to the Biaka University Institute Community.
  • The right to receive tuition for the courses/programs into which they have been duly registered.
  • The right to be examined in accordance with the approved rules and regulations governing the award of respective degrees and diplomas.
  • The right to be heard in accordance with the rules governing the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and natural justice.


  • The privilege of using the name of the university to protect themselves in all honest and lawful dealings
  • The privilege of using university facilities to enhance the attainment of their ultimate objectives
  • The privilege to be certified at the end of their diploma/degree program at the university upon satisfaction of the accepted requirements for graduation
  • The privilege of receiving medical care on campus within the limits of the available resources provided they are duly registered at the St. Veronica Polyclinic (BUIB’s campus hospital)


  • Students must observe all the rules and regulations governing academic programs such as registering for courses and sitting for examinations at the stipulated time so as to avoid untold consequences.
  • Students must respect and obey constituted authorities of Biaka University Institute of Buea
  • Show maximum consideration for other students and for staff of Biaka University Institute of Buea
  • Treat premises which they may rent off-campus in a responsible manner and observe rules and regulations governing such premises.
  • Abstain from engaging in any activity whatsoever that can bring down the reputation and name of the university or embarrass its constituted authorities.
  • Pay their tuition and caution fees as required to allow for the smooth running of the university.

NB: Caution fees are refundable and can only be refunded upon receipt of clearances from the respective units concerned at the end of the course.

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