Welcome speech

Welcome speech

Biaka University Institute of Buea saw the light of day via the philanthropic and magnanimous efforts of Dr. Lawrence Francis Tonye Biaka, one of the world’s finest Gynaecologists of “ROYAL” descent. In 1998, the St. Francis School of Nursing and Midwifery was opened as a training school for nurses because Dr. Biaka had a firm belief that he had to pass on refined knowledge for posterity. He wanted fellow countrymen and all who have that insatiable thirst for knowledge to tap profoundly from the best practices he had accrued and exhibited in the continents he was privileged to stay/study and work in.

Today, the mustard seed has blossomed unimaginably. The rugged road led to the creation of the St. Francis Higher Institute of Nursing and Midwifery (2007), and the St. Francis Advanced School of Health Sciences in 2010. Thanks to the invaluable contributions of the three Saint Francis institutes to Health Professions’ Education and healthcare delivery services in Central Africa and beyond, this great citadel of learning was elevated to a University Institute (BUIB) on the 26th of February, 2016 by the Honourable Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of all state and privately owned universities in Cameroon.

Under the distinguished mentorship of the University of Buea (UB), BUIB continues to occupy the rare and highly competitive position of pacesetters in Health Professions’ Education in Cameroon, while breaking new grounds in the domain of Management Sciences, Education and much more packaged for the days ahead. We have a specially selected breed of trained/certified and professionally qualified staff that is readily available to deliver excellent results at all levels.

At BUIB, we pride ourselves in excellence, professionalism and dynamism, with the zest to create job providers who will saturate the markets and build the nation in diverse ways. We train innovative, dynamic and industrious Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Midwives, Healthcare Managers, Nutritionists, Pharmacy Technicians and Attendants/Assistants, Medical Sales Representatives, Accountants, Financial Managers, Bankers, Taxation Officers, Marketers, Supply Chain Managers, Human Resource Managers, Tourism and Hotel Managers, Education Experts and other professionals. These programs run from undergraduate to post-graduate levels.

Our numerous Technical, Academic, Material, Human and Financial resources have been aptly mobilized to create the enabling and soothing environment for our national and international students. We admit over 1250 students and graduate about 800 students yearly. Lastly, our national and international partnership potentials allow our students and staff to enjoy exchange visits for teaching and learning to strike the balance between theory and practice in and out of Cameroon.

We welcome you to the Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB: The Audacity to be Different). As you set foot at the St. Veronica Medical Centre which hosts BUIB, you are snappily overwhelmed by our saintly and cozy haven of beauty and peace; ready to furnish the healing effects you need academically and health wise. Welcome to the place where with “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”, we scale the heights of excellence for the service of humanity in all ramifications.

Dr. Francisca Hongla epse BIAKA