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Modern Methods of Teaching BUIB encourages her teachers to use modern teaching methods by supplying the necessary technological backup both in hardware and software to enable the teachers get through to their learners in the very best way. Among the many things that BUIB does to ensure a quality teaching process are also


  • The cream of teachers in BUIB is carefully chosen to align with the methods of teaching prescribed by the University.
  • A Quality Assurance Workshop is orgainized by the University for her Staff. This is in a bid to enable all teachers to come to speed with new techniques of teaching before the start of each semester.
  • BUIB exposes her students to world classed institutions so that they can collaborate and exchange knowledge, new ideas, culture with students of different universities in the world by organizing trips abroad for her students. This Collaboration at the International level is rare to many Cameroonians who want to study at home and gain some international experience.
  • Good teacher to student ratio: In order to guarantee that the students will get optimum attention from their respective teachers we need a good teacher/student ratio, the university ensures that the teacher/student ratio does not go too low.
  • Discipline. The university is one of the few universities that keep a close eye on her students’ conduct in order to mold them into God-fearing academicians who are also very good at what they have been trained to do. This goes without saying that the University respects the student’s private life and treats him/her like an adult.


Programs Offered BUIB is a University created to meet the needs of our country and that of any civilized country in this modern day. In order to emerge, we must accept that certain traditional curricula need to be redrawn to meet the changing time. BUIB is a modern University offering programs with modern curricula that meet contemporary needs. Our programmes are comparable to only a few around.

Join a Caring Community As a Christian institution, we do our utmost best to be there for every member of the community. This is not a binding rule to anyone new comer but it is an experience we have enjoyed and like to continue. It will be a shame to be alone when you see us together. BUIB is a community with open arms. You are welcome to join.

Good Infrastructure For learners Even though BUIB is a young institution, it can boast of the quality of its infrastructure in all essential areas that affect learning. We are also aware of our weakness in certain aspects of our infrastructure which we are working to improve each passing day.


  1. Good Library with books in both hard and soft copies (e-library).

BUIB has one of the most current libraries around with a professional librarian in the office to lead BUIB’s library to higher heights. Students and staff members can borrow books to read at home or read in the library. We keep buying books in all fields of study offered in BUIB and more.


  1. Neat Study rooms with a conducive environment.

A rare value in many institutions of learning is the quality of the lecture rooms. BUIB believes that a good learning environment will match the quality of teaching as well as the student output. BUIB can boast of neat and well-equipped lecture rooms.


  1. Laboratories


BUIB has done a lot within a short time to meet up the research and other study related requirements for her professional schools and Faculties requiring practical work. However, wherever need be, the university will not fail to collaborate with other institutions around to expose the students to the best learning experience to come by.


Location. BUIB is strategically located in Buea. With great road leading to the Campus. All of the programmes for the School are done on Campus Buea. On campus we have a training Hospital where our health students can benefit the most from their active seniors in the field. This way, they gradually match what is done in class with practical work as they count their years towards graduation. The costs of living in this town is moderate in townships of their category in the country.

Social Life The students’ Affairs office proposes a lot of social activities for the students, including Club activities, Chorals, Dancing, Games, Excursions and many types of distraction. We have an ever green beautiful campus where students can relax at their leisure time. Though the university does not recommend students going to certain public places for distraction, we do admit that there are quite a number of recreational facilities in town where students can spend quality time and have fun with friends etc. The town is also a safe place to live. No major reason to fear for your security.

Biaka University Institute Buea provides a conducive and enabling environment for learning, with the best professionals you can find in Cameroon on her teaching staff.  All the St. Francis schools have been upgraded to Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB), mentored by the University of Buea. This upgrade gave BUIB the onus to run three schools- Health Sciences, Education and Management Sciences. Courses offered run from HND to Bachelors in the various schools.

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