Admission Guidelines

Admission Guidelines

These consists of the general guidelines as well as general and specific requirements per schools.


The Guidelines for Admission into BUIB are as follows:


  • Admission into BUIB is open to all those seeking knowledge irrespective of nationality, religion, color, sex, race and language.
  • Admission guidelines, policies and regulations are established by the Academic Board (SENATE) of the University.
  • Applicants can obtain admission online at
  • Application fee is 15,500 frs CFA
  • The Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management uses an individualized, holistic review process to consider each completed application. Taking into account factors such as academic performance, career or vocational goals, relevant experience, language competence and potential success in the program.
  • Admission decisions are made on the basis of the information submitted as part of the student’s application. Applicants who believe that supplemental items will help convey information about their qualifications are encouraged to submit such items along side their printed applications.
  • Admission into BSc and HND programs in the School of Health Sciences is by a competitive entrance exam written on the BUIB campus on an announced date. This exam includes both written and orals. The exams are marked and results of successful candidates are published on the notice board. Students are also informed by email or text on their progress.
  • Entry into the State Registered Nursing program, State Registered Midwifery and Nursing Assistant is by competitive exams organised by the Ministry of Public Health. Students who wish to enroll in the aforementioned programs should visit the Ministry of Public Health or the Delegation of Public Health.
  • BUIB offers direct entry into undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the Schools of Management Sciences and Education. Entry into postgraduate programs in the School of Health Sciences is by direct entry.