Office of Cooperation & Innovation

Office of Cooperation & Innovation

Dr Feh Mary

Deputy Vice Chancellor i/c Cooperation and Innovation

About The Office

The office was created to give special focus on the international efforts BUIB has been making over the past years. With a strong commitment to increasing its visibility and international footprint, the office for international collaboration makes it easier for both the university and its partners to reach out and work with each other. It provides guidelines and other necessary support to university staff and departments on engagement with international partners and different levels. The office secures and promotes partnerships and collaborations with both local and international institutions.

Innovation is also within the scope of this office. Innovation in the areas of leadership and management, teaching, learning and assessment, research and professional development are just a few of the areas in which the university seeks to make its presence felt both locally and internationally.

Opportunities for Students and Alumni

Students are able to benefit from the university’s collaboration projects with its partners. Some of these benefits include participation in global classrooms, joint project groups, international webinars, student exchanges among others.

When they graduate, the students can still benefit from some of these services, obtaining recommendations and references as well as other necessary support for employment and further studies purposes. The office is working closely with the BUIB Alumni to expand the collaboration between them.

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