Biaka University Agriculture Students Conclude Tractor Driving Practical

Today marked the successful conclusion of a two-day practical lesson on tractor driving for the students of the School of Agriculture at Biaka University. The hands-on training, deemed essential for farm machinery practice, commenced yesterday at 9 am with an introductory session led by the Director of the School of Agriculture, Mr. Tanyi Clovis Bessong. He opened the program with a comprehensive rundown of the day’s activities, emphasizing the importance of practical skills in modern agricultural practices. He highlighted the necessity of understanding and operating farm machinery like tractors, which play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and efficiency on the farm.

The practical lessons were conducted by Mr. Nsiela Hilary Nkoh and Mr. Agbor David, the Chauffeur of Biaka University, who have extensive experience in operating and maintaining motors. They began with basic driving instructions, ensuring that all students grasped the fundamental principles of operating a tractor safely and effectively. They emphasized that Safety is top priority and that the students should respect the machine, follow the guidelines, and they will gain the skills needed to revolutionize your farming practices.”

After the comprehensive briefing, students were then divided into groups of five, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Each group took turns practicing how to drive the tractor, under the watchful eye of Mr. David. He alongside Mr. Hilary provided detailed explanations on the various controls and mechanisms of the tractor, ensuring that each student gained hands-on experience.

Throughout the practical sessions, students were not only taught how to drive the tractor but also how to use it for different agricultural tasks. This included plowing, harrowing, and transporting goods, among other essential farming operations. The hands-on experience was invaluable, transforming theoretical lessons into practical skills. The students were not just learning to drive; they were understanding the integral role of machinery in efficient and sustainable farming.

The program, which began yesterday, wrapped up today with students expressing satisfaction and confidence in their newly acquired skills. The practical lessons have equipped them with essential knowledge that will significantly benefit their future careers in agriculture. The Director of the School of Agricultural Sciences; Mr. Tanyi, Mr. Nsiela Hilary and the Chauffeur; Mr. Agbor David were commended for their dedication and effective teaching methods, which ensured that the students received comprehensive training in tractor operation. The School of Agriculture at Biaka University continues to prioritize practical learning, preparing its students for the demands of modern farming.

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