School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences


The School of Health Sciences is dedicated to achieving excellence and advancing health through leadership in education in the health sciences, discovery, innovation, research and exemplary health delivery services.


During Studies

  • During studies, the school can facilitate the securing of a Voluntary internship for Students
  • Students can access facilities such as the Library, Simulation center and Teaching Laboratories to facilitate learning.
  • Students, benefit from health coverage specially designed for them at the Saint Veronica Polyclinic (SVPC), an arm of the Saint Veronica Medical Center (SVMC).


Upon Graduation

Graduates can gain employment with

  • The Public service, Private health service, Establishment, NGOs, and related Industries.
  • With the background in Entrepreneurship acquired during studies, students can become self employed and even create job opportunities for others.


  • We have an adequately equipped Teaching Laboratory and Simulation center that facilities the practical teaching of students
  • Our team of qualified and enthusiastic faculty members guarantee the delivery of up to date knowledge and ensures the professionalism of our programmes
  • Over the years we have also built and maintain a great working relationship with hospitals and Healthcare service providers for the Clinical Internships of our students not leaving out the Saint Veronica Polyclinic (SVPC) an integral arm of the Saint Veronica Medical Center (SVMC) which serves as a teaching hospital were our students can master their acts
  • We also enjoy the benefits of collaboration and support from established foreign University such as the college of Nursing and Health Professions, Drexel University.

About School of health Science

Our Departments


With a mission to educate and inspire leaders in the profession of midwifery, the department offers a unique direct-entry program that will train you in all aspects of midwifery care, preparing you to greatly improve the quality and breadth of maternity care offered to women and new families.

BUIB’s HND and BSc  programs in midwifery are distinct in their exceptional clinical training. You will train with preceptors in a variety of clinics, home birth settings, birth centers and hospitals in Cameroon and overseas.

The program, which is intended for entry-level midwifery students, qualifies you to become a state licensed and nationally certified Midwife.


The Department of Midwifery educates midwives to conform to national and international standards of midwifery competence and to do the following:

  • Practice autonomously in a variety of settings, which may include homes, birth centers, clinics and hospitals.
  • Promote birth as a normal process requiring a minimum of intervention.
  • Function within the health care system, consulting and referring appropriately.
  • Qualify for license or registration in a variety of jurisdictions, including certification by the State Registered Midwives (SRM).
  • Promote midwifery through state, provincial and national professional organizations, the political process, research activities and policy development.
  • Work in partnership with the women you serve in a way that promotes personal responsibility, validates knowledge and experience and encourages lifelong learning.
  • Promote the Midwives Model of Care 


  • HND in Midwifery
  • State Registered Midwifery


To train highly qualified nurses capable of providing high quality nursing care in diverse clinical situations for the local, national and international society.     


At the end of the three and four – year program, the graduate nurse should be able to:

  • Practice skilled, personalized, dynamic and comprehensive holistic nursing care in any clinical setting.
  • Apply the nursing process in planning nursing care for clients in the hospital and community setting.
  • Utilize scientific principles in the problem solving process to nursing action in hospitals, communities and other settings where health care is provided.
  • Exercise sound clinical judgement when making decisions on behalf of the client assigned to his or her care.
  • Demonstrate leadership and management skills in the coordination of nursing care delivery and when assuming the team leader position.
  • Demonstrate professional ethics and moral judgement in patient care decisions and relationships with professional colleagues. Exhibit professional ethnics and inter-disciplinary accountability in patient care.
  • Demonstrate leadership and management competencies and co-ordinate delivery of high quality and holistic care.
  • Conduct basic nursing research for the improvement of nursing care in hospitals and community settings.

Undergraduate Programs

  • HND in Nursing
  • Top-up BSc in Nursing
  • Direct BSc in Nursing
  • State Registered Nursing
  • Nursing Assistant

Postgraduate Programs

  • MSc. in Nursing Education and Administration
  • MSc. in Nursing Bioinformatics
  • MSc. in Mental Health Nursing
  • MSc. in Pediatric Nursing
  • MSc. in Geriatric Nursing
  • MSc. in Family Health Nursing
  • MSc. in Health Promotion and Community Health Education


Our mission is to advance the scientific knowledge of the student through quality research and teaching. All these will be done while collaborating with other universities and the community in key areas of health. We shall contribute to the development of health policies at the local, national and international levels.


This program is to train competent medical laboratory scientists. It entails exposing the students to multi-disciplinary Biomedical Science Subjects. It’s essential aim is to study the epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and control of endemic diseases in the community.

Undergraduate Programs

  • HND in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Top –Up BSc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Direct BSc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Direct BSc. in Physiotherapy
  • HND in Medical Imagery
  • Emergency Health Technician
  • Environmental Health Technology

Postgraduate Programs

  • MSc. in Parasitology and Microbiology
  • MSc. in Haematology and Blood Banking
  • MSc. in Chemical Pathology


Our mission is to improve health care through the training of public health experts on common communicable and environmentally related diseases, including non-communicable health conditions of public health interest. Candidates acquire elaborate knowledge on project proposal development and implementation, epidemiological trends and monitoring of common health conditions, including knowledge on research and the distribution of health resources.

Undergraduate Programs






    HND in Nutrition and Dietetics

    3 years


    Top-Up BSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics

    1 Year


    HND in Health Care Management

    3 Years


    Top-Up BSc. in Health Care Management

    1 year


    Medical Secretarial Practice

    1 Year


    Occupational Health and Safety

    1 Year


    Health Care Quality Control Management

    1 Year


    Community Health and Safety

    1 Year


    Food and Hygiene Safety

    1 Year


    Postgraduate Programs

    • MSc. in Public Health and Biostatistics
    • MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics

    Our Mission

    To improve health through innovation and leadership in pharmacy education, clinical practice and research.

    Our Vision

    • To maintain our ranking as one of the top  Schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Cameroon.
    • To provide quality education to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences students at all academic levels, using best practices and evidence-based educational approaches, enabling our graduates to advance in their professions.
    • To be a leader in education, research, practice and service.
    • To  be a respected institution that advances basic, clinical and transnational research.
    • To meet and improve society’s health, wellness, and health care.
    • To advance pharmacy practice, including inter-professional team-based models.
    • To provide an academic environment that promotes effective mentoring, professional growth and development and life-long learning.

    Our Values

    • Excellence and integrity in teaching, research, practice and service
    • Embodiment of the highest ethical standards in our education, research, practice and service activities with the expectation our graduates will do the same as the next generation of leaders in their professions.
    • Establishment of a learning environment that embraces diversity, inclusiveness, equity and respect for all persons.
    • Organizational values that promote and reward critical thinking and continuous quality improvement.

    Our Staff

    Christopher Njopin
    Sally Ekoli Eko
    Coordinator HND/BNS
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