Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

The Registry

The Registry is the center-nerve and the rallying point of all administrative activities in Biaka University Institute of Buea. The Registry is divided into the Registrar’s Main Office, the Records Office, the Students’ Affairs Office and the Guidance Counselor’s Office. At the hub of the Registry is the Registrar (otherwise known as the Secretary General of the Institution) who is answerable to the Vice-Chancellor on students’ administrative matters.

Technically, the Registry rules the university as its work underpins students’ academic career from post-registration through to graduation-the essence of the University

Classically the Registry’s functions include:

  • Admission of students into the University
  • Processing registration requests
  • Generating and maintaining class lists
  • Enforcing regulations that enhance academic excellence in the University
  • Keeping a permanent record of grades and marks
  • Issuing of Transcripts, Certificates and Attestations of different magnitude
  • Verification of Academic documents issued from the Institution,
  • Doing Credential Evaluations for students
  • Treat Students’ appeals and complaints

Mercy Mankaah Awah

Exams Officer

Mbakup Neville Finjap

Admissions Officer

Celestine Yibir epse Nyah

Head of Records

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