Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

Providing academic support, resources, involvement, and outreach

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

There are a variety of student services and organizations at BUIB designed to support students’ programs of study, provide professional development opportunities, foster community and celebrate diversity.

The Office of Student Affairs encourages BUIB students to become familiar with programs and services designed to enhance the graduate student experience at the Biaka University Institute of Buea. Alongside academic studies in the classroom, BUIB students have many out-of-class opportunities to engage peers and persons with diverse cultural experiences, to examine new philosophies, to develop new interests and skills, and to prepare for active participation in a rapidly changing global society. Aligned with the Mission and Core Values set forth by the institution, the Office of Student Affairs stands ready to assist our students in these endeavours.


BUIB’s Student government is an entity that was created to provide students the experience and training in the democratic form of the government. This group of students is charged with the duty



As a graduate of Biaka University Institute of Buea, you are one of more than half 5 million alumni worldwide. This remarkable community is the foundation of our global reputation,

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