Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) Maiden Research Committee Meeting: A Glimpse into Collaboration and Innovation

In a significant stride towards fostering academic research and innovation, the Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) held its maiden Research Committee Meeting on the 2nd of February 2024 at the SVMC conference room. Chaired by the Vice Chancellor of BUIB, the event brought together key stakeholders; Professors, directors of BUIB’s five schools and other research brains to set the tone for a robust research agenda.

The meeting commenced with a word of prayer then a warm welcome address by the Vice Chancellor; Dr. Mrs. Francisca Hongla Biaka who skillfully juggled the roles of both host and Chairperson. In her opening remarks, she emphasized the pivotal role of research in advancing the institution’s academic standing and reaffirmed BUIB’s commitment to becoming a hub for groundbreaking research.

Following the welcome address, the director of BUIB’s research center; Dr. Ako Simon took the floor to present the esteemed members of the Research Committee. Their diverse expertise and backgrounds underscored the interdisciplinary approach the committee aimed to embrace. This presentation not only introduced the key players but also highlighted the wealth of knowledge and experience assembled for this crucial endeavor.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) incharge of Academics played a pivotal role by outlining the roles and functions of the BUIB Research Committee. This roadmap emphasized the committee’s responsibility to spearhead innovative research initiatives, mentor budding researchers, and establish collaborative partnerships with external institutions. The DVC’s clear elucidation laid a solid foundation for the committee’s objectives, guiding members on the path to impactful contributions.

The heart of the meeting was the vibrant exchange of ideas as committee members enthusiastically contributed proposals and suggestions on what needs to be done and how the committee should operate. This interactive session witnessed a diverse array of perspectives, ranging from streamlining research funding mechanisms to implementing cutting-edge technologies in research proposals, data collection and analysis. The committee members’ collective wisdom reflected a shared commitment to elevating BUIB’s research profile.

To ensure comprehensive coverage and focused efforts, members were then partitioned to work on the five submitted proposals representing the distinctive schools of thought within BUIB. This strategic allocation aimed to harness the specialized expertise of each subgroup, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas could be refined and synergies explored.


The groups are expected to dive into the intricacies of their assigned proposals and exchange insights while cross-pollinating with the collaborative spirit that the Research Committee hopes to instill in the challenging yet exciting journey of shaping the future research landscape at BUIB.

The Vice Chancellor not only expressed gratitude for the active participation of committee members but also reiterated the institution’s unwavering commitment to supporting and promoting research excellence. Her closing remarks served as a rallying call, motivating the committee to forge ahead with determination and purpose.

The Biaka University Institute of Buea’s maiden Research Committee Meeting stands as a milestone in the institution’s pursuit of academic excellence. The collaborative spirit, innovative ideas, and commitment displayed during this gathering set the stage for a transformative era of research at BUIB. As the committee takes its first steps, the promise of groundbreaking discoveries and scholarly achievements looms on the horizon, heralding a new chapter in BUIB’s academic journey.

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