School of Management Sciences

School of Management Sciences

  • Dr. Maboh M. Nkwati Instructor Dr. Maboh M. Nkwati
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  • Course Duration 15 week
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The Business School of BUIB offers full-time and part-time programs at the undergraduate and post graduate levels that are innovative, flexible and career focused. They are designed for those who have backgrounds in business, as well as those from other discipline areas interested in a careers in business. The curriculum not only prepares students for leadership positions in business, but it adds a valuable dimension to other professions. The courses cover all of the business fundamentals and provide you with a firm understanding of corporate social responsibility, which has become a core value in today business.  The lock-step nature of the core classes bridges different subject matters to show how they are interrelated.


In today’s business environment, teamwork is essential to success.  BUIB programs have built the team concept into the core curriculum, giving students the opportunity to practice leading a group of individuals and capitalizing on members’ strengths. Teams are determined at the start of the semester and are blended with diversity in mind. In addition, Communication skills are important assets in the work place. The programs give students the chance to improve their communication techniques through its classroom format. Class sizes are small, with at most 50 students per class. Interaction between students and faculty is considered an essential component to the classroom experience. Students are expected to raise questions and actively participate in discussions in class. Case studies, projects, and presentations are regular assignments, improving students’ critical thinking and public speaking skills.


During the period of study, students will have the opportunity to tailor their programs to their needs. They can specialize in a particular field or customize their degrees by hand selecting each elective. There is a wide-range of electives offered to ensure our students can successfully reach their career goals when they graduate. Students could even take some of the electives from other programs.

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Dr. Maboh M. Nkwati Dr. Maboh M. Nkwati

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