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School of Management Sciences

The School of Management Sciences runs a series of programs; Higher National Diploma (HND), Top- Up Bachelor Degree Programs, Direct Bachelor of Science (BSc.) and Post Graduate programs in various disciplines.  

These programs are focused on professionalization and as such put more emphases on work related courses that can lead to on the job capacity building as well as training and developing skills that are job biased and soft skills that are immediately needed in the daily activities of corporate bodies, international organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and the wider public sector.

Our Programs 

HND Programs;

These are programs for which Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) has prepared the curriculum and is responsible for setting, grading and issuing certificates. The options we offer include;

SN Programs Duration
1.           Accounting 2 years
2.           Insurance 2 years
3.           Banking and Finance 2 years
4.           Management 2 years
5.           Marketing 2 years
6.           Tourism and Hotel Management 2 years

To each HND Program we offer a one(1) year Top-Up BSc. For more information see our BROCHURE 2019.

BSc. Programs; 

Our Bachelor of Science degree programs are developed taking into considerations the professional needs of the competitive market and social, economic and global environment.

SN Programs Duration
Department of Accounting & Finance  
1. BSc. in Accounting & Finance 3 years
2. BSc. in Taxation 3 years
Department of Banking & Finance
3. BSc. in Banking & Finance 3 years
4. BSc. in Insurance & Risk Management 3 years
Department of Management
5. BSc. in Management 3 years
6. BSc. in Marketing 3 years
7. BSc. in Events & Conferences Management 3 years
8. BSc. in Supply Chain Management 3 years
9. BSc. in Tourism & Hotel Management 3 years
10. BSc. in Human Resource Management 3 years

Masters Programs;  

We offer Masters in Business Administration (MBA) the following fields; 

SN Programs Duration
1. Accounting & Finance 2 years
2. Financial Management 2 years
3. Human Resource Management 2 years
4. Taxation 2 years
5. Project Management 2 years

Professional Masters Programs; 

SN Programs Duration
1. Accounting & Finance 1 year
2. Banking & Finance 1 year
3. Development Management 1 year
4. Conflicts, Peace Building and Humanitarian Action 1 year
5. International Business Management 1 year
6. Entrepreneurship & Innovation 1 year
7. Insurance and Risks Management 1 year
8. Marketing 1 year
9. Management 1 year
10. Human Resource Management 1 year
11. Micro-Finance and Development 1 year
12. Organizational Development 1 year
13. Financial Management 1 year
14. Events & Conference Management 1 year
15. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 1 year

See our Postgraduate Programmes SMS for details.


The admission requirements for the HND programs are as specified in the MINESUP Decree authorizing the operation of HND Programs in various institutions of Higher Learning in Cameroon. This includes a pass at the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary and Advanced Levels and Baccalaureate (BAC) or Equivalent Certificates as evaluated by the Admission Board based on MINESUP guidelines. Religious studies is not considered among the subjects passed.

For the one year Top-up programs, students need a pass at the HND in the required discipline. The admission requirements for the direct bachelor degree programs include a pass at the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels or Baccalaureate in relevant disciplines, professional certificates that are recognized as equivalent and relevant working experience. Other certificates are evaluated depending on the specific student case.

In order to be enrolled in a Direct BSc program in this school, the student is expected to have a pass at the GCE Advanced and Ordinary levels excluding Religious studies in one sitting or BAC in the relevant discipline.

For Post Graduate studies, students should have Advanced Level Certificate, Bachelors Degree in relevant discipline and other professional qualification including working experience is a plus.

In order to graduate, students are expected to validate a minimum of 120 credits for the HND programs, 72 credits for the one year Top-up programs and 180 credits for the three years Bachelor degree programs. These are composed of core or compulsory, elective courses and university requirements.

See our BROCHURE 2019 for details.

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