A passion to make you better

A passion to make you better

We know how important your future is to you. It’s important to us, too.

Just like our slogan goes: The Audacity to be Different, we train students into professionals. We are innovative and provide specialized education and pride ourselves in excellence, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

We prepare a breed of professionals who can be self-reliant (entrepreneurs) upon completion of their studies.

We train dynamic technocrats embedding in them high ethical and moral values adaptable to changing societal trends.

At BUIB, we assist our students with internship placements. It is our business to ensure the practical training of our students with the best of companies and institutions. In addition, we assist in the job placement of our students by sending their credentials to companies.

One of BUIB’s policies is to passionately cater for the needs of her international students. We follow up our international students and ensure their comfort and safety. With our advantage of being the only University Institute with a Polyclinic on campus (St. Veronica Polyclinic) students, staff and the entire community benefits from this facility. The Polyclinic is also used as a training hospital for students of the School of Health Sciences. Moreover, consultation is free for all BUIB students.

BUIB offers internet facilities 24/7 on campus for students to carry out research.

Last but not the least, BUIB is situated in a friendly neighbourhood, surrounded with hostels whose rates are within reach for an average student and accessible.

Finally, BUIB goes with the adage ‘All work No play makes Jane or Jack a dull girl or boy’ Thus, BUIB has countless extracurricular and social activities on and off campus enjoyed by both students and staff.

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