Online Learning Campus

Online Learning Campus

Amungwa Gerald

Marketing Manager


At its core, ubiquitous learning (u-learning) refers to learning anytime, anywhere facilitated by the advances in digital technology.

So, why study ubiquitously?

The ability to learn in various contexts and situations promotes exploratory learning beyond the classroom, strengthening student engagement and motivation. Learning is no longer confined to a physical classroom or particular hours of the day. Professionals need not delay obtaining advanced degrees or professional certifications because they cannot afford to attend classes during their normal working hours.  Ubiquitous learning makes it possible to tailor programs as per the needs of the learners – meet them where they are and facilitate them learning when they want. Learners can balance their education with career, family and anything else that occupies their time maintaining a flexible schedule.

At CUIB we are committed to ensuring that when you pursue your studies ubiquitously, you receive the same high quality education that is offered in our traditional university setting. Our platform offers you access to our dedicated faculty and a vast library of resources. You are part of the same unique CUIB, regardless of how you choose to learn.

Classically the BUIB E-leaning campus constitutes


This model blendson-site face-to-face instruction with virtual learning.


Some programs are delivered by on-site instruction for a specific period of time,

Online library definition and meaning

public library is a building where things such as books, newspapers, videos, and music are kept for people to read, use, or borrow.


Certain programs are offered exclusively online such as community outreach

Eenjema Mildred Namanga

Eenjema Mildred Namanga

I T Lead/BUIB Online Library Manager

Enjema Mildred is an experienced Sociology graduate from the University of Buea with a diploma In IT. With a diverse skills and over five years of professional experience working with Baiaka University. Mildred currently heads the BUIB online library and is the Technical assistant for the online learning campus of the University. Her work ranges from managing and coordinating BUIB online library in partnership with our US based partner University Drexel University as well as assisting the Software Engineer in debugging problems with students studying exclusively online. Mildred's wide range of knowledge and expertise is a huge asset to the University and she constitutes the future of the institution as we continue to expand and offer more programs through our online learning. She is a management staff of the BUIB ubiquitous campus

Mbah Lucas Tebo

Mbah Lucas Tebo

Software Engineer & Digital Marketing Lead

Tebo is an experienced software engineer with multi-layer skills and over six years of working experience in various fields including software and web-based application development, website designing, maintenance, E-learning. E- management and upgrades, communications and digital marketing, Graphics designing, database development and management, corporate relations, organizational management and IT training and much more. Tebo is the main Engineer managing BUIb E-leaning platform and reports to the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of teaching and research at the Biaka University. His extensive knowledge in building and managing e- learning systems for Universities over the years makes him the perfect fit for the job. He is one of the administrative staff of the BUIB ubiquitous (e-learning) campus

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