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Thomas Ngalle

Thomas is an experienced software engineer with multi-layer skills and over six years of working experience in various fields including software and web-based application development, website designing, maintenance, E-learning. E- management and upgrades, communications and digital marketing, Graphics designing, database development and management, corporate relations,
organizational management and IT training and coaching.

He  also a gender-sensitive administrator and have an excellent understanding of information systems dynamics. More so, he has a passion for Information System development and management. Tebo is keen to take on new information system manager’s challenges and constantly wish to update his knowledge on industry’s standards for better efficiency and

Over the years, he has built more than 100 professional websites for different organizations including NGOs, churches and corporations, develop and manage e-learning systems, online application portals, SMS and Newsletter platforms, Newsletter and different web-based applications and databases to help improve the performance of organizations and businesses

As a software Engineer in BUIB, he is among other things responsible for building and managing BUIB digital infrastructure

Rebuild and Manage University and hospital websites and social media platforms
Build the Digital marketing infrastructure of the University
Build and manage University e-learning portal
Manage online application portal
Design and distribute online newsletters for marketing
Digital retouching and image editing
Keeping up to date with latest technological and software development


Develop and Manage Central database for the University

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