Biaka @ 25; The Symposium – A Day of Insightful Reflections

Thursday, November 23rd, marked the third day of Biaka University Institute of Buea’s 25th-anniversary celebration, featuring a thought-provoking symposium under the theme “Sharing Experiences in Career and Professional Achievements.” The event attracted a diverse audience, including staff, students, graduates, and alumni, creating an enriching platform for the exchange of knowledge and insights.




The symposium began with a warm welcome to an impressive gathering of alumni who had traversed various career paths since their time at Biaka. Staff and alumni took center stage as they shared valuable experiences and reflections on their professional journeys. These engaging narratives provided current students with a glimpse into life beyond academia, offering practical advice and inspiration for their own future careers.



The symposium fostered an atmosphere of mentorship, allowing for open discussions and Q&A sessions. Graduates shared pivotal moments, challenges overcome, and the importance of resilience in the face of career uncertainties. The event not only served as a celebration of past achievements but also as a source of guidance for the aspiring professionals within the Biaka community.

As the day unfolded, the symposium became a conduit for the transfer of knowledge and the establishment of connections between generations of Biaka students. It encapsulated the essence of the university’s commitment to preparing students not only academically but also for the challenges and triumphs that await them in the professional realm. The 25th-anniversary celebrations at Biaka University Institute continued to inspire and educate, reinforcing the institution’s dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for success beyond the classroom.

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