BUIB: BSc. Thesis Defense takes place in the School of Health Sciences

Over 300 final year students of the School of Health Sciences in Biaka University Institute of Buea BUIB are currently defending their thesis as one of the prerequisites for the award of a Bachelor of Science degree in their various disciplines. The excellent performances of these students from the department of Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmaceutical Studies, Allied Health,   Public Health and Administration, have this far proven to the panelists and spectators that they have a mastery of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their period of undergraduate studies at BUIB.


Talking to the Director of the school Mr. Njoping Christopher, who over the years coordinated the activities of the school to ensure quality in the process of teaching, the work presented by students this far is of great quality and would serve as openings for future research by the school. Supporting this assertion, the assistant director of the school Mr. Folefack Alexander, expressed satisfaction with the level of commitment, discipline and knowledge acquisition exhibited by the students from the formulation of project topics till the defense proper. According to him, these students are not only ripe academically for the job market, but they carry with them moral virtues which will boost their success in the field of practice.

For the students, this academic exercise helps to stimulate their minds on critical thinking which is research based and gives students the opportunity to identify issues and propose solutions for the benefit of the community at large.

As they complete this academic exercise, all successful students are expected to be part of the graduation ceremony slated sometime in November/December this year.

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