BUIB Sets Standards for a Hitch-Free Second Semester Exams!

As the academic year draws to a close, all hands are on deck to ensure a hitch free session of the 2022/2023 second semester examination at Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB). These stakeholders gathered on June 7th 2023 in the conference hall of BUIB for a preparatory meeting towards the end of semester exams to brainstorm on best practices for a successful examination session. The meeting was Chaired by the Vice Chancellor of BUIB Dr. Mrs. Francisca Hongla Biaka who beckoned all to work in synergy for collective success.

Presenting at this very important meeting, the exams Officer Mrs. Tening Mercy while informing participants on strategies put in place for a smooth examination, noted that all has been done to mitigate examination malpractices. She went further to explain that students are expected to come in their official attire and on time for proper checks and modifications where need may arise. The students are also expected to come along with their identification cards and equally follow the examination time table made available to them, meticulously.

Invigilators have been reminded of their roles and the chief invigilators will at all times liaise with the office of exams in case of any eventuality, says the exams officer. The availability of well ventilated and conducive classrooms, writing materials, clean restrooms and an overall calm environment cannot be overemphasized.

It is worth noting that about 1,000 students taking programmes mentored by the University of Buea will be sitting for the first set of the exams which will run from the 13th to the 17th of June 2023, for the undergraduate programs while the post graduate programs in the School of Management Sciences will run from the 20th to the 24th of June. The second set of exams which will be written by over 2,000 first and second years HND students have been scheduled to run in the month of July 2023.

These exams involve students from the five schools of BUIB; the School of Agricultural Sciences, the School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Education, the School of Health Sciences and the School of Management Sciences.

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