BUIB: Staff and Students Called to Strengthen Relationship with God

Students and staff members of Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) have been challenged to sanctify themselves, sanctify their works/studies and sanctify others through their works as it is a true means to achieve holiness and union with God. This call was made this Tuesday the 20th of June 2023 by Professor Athanasius F. Amungwa, during a one day public conference held at BUIB.

Organized under the theme “Work and the Universal Call to Holiness”, participants where reminded that their work should be that which can be offered to God. This entails honesty in performing work be it as a student or staff.

Drawing from the book of Genesis: 2 Vs. 15, Prof. Amungwa reminded all that work is a natural obligation planned in the beginning by God to offer the world a bigger opportunity to feel fulfillment in Christ. Thus it should be carried out with joy and honesty so that holiness can be attained.

According to the Catechesis of the Catholic Church, Holiness is the plenitude of Christian life, the fullness of charity and of our condition as God’s children. It is nothing but the work of God’s grace in us and our correspondence to it to identify ourselves with His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, living in, with, and for Him. Therefore for work to be good it must be holy.

These participants were challenged to seek the three basic stages of holiness which include the Purgative, Illuminative, and Unitive Ways. Each stage represents advancement toward sanctity and total union with God.

Staff and students were also reminded to live according to God’s purpose to avoid wasting the precious time God has given them on earth.  Above all, members were prompted to pray prayers of praise and thanksgiving at every stage of their work/study lives.

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