660 students join BUIB with pride.

Some 660 students answered the call to abide to the rules and regulations governing the Biaka university institute of Buea and also to live according to the values of the profession embraced as they build their career. This was during the 2019/2020 matriculation ceremony which took place on campus aimed at officially welcoming new students into the Biaka University Institute of Buea for the year 2019/2020.

Welcoming students to the land with the Audacity to be Different, the Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Francisca Hongla Biaka while praising these students for being amongst the privileged few selected for the academic year, challenged them to work hard and record excellence in their time as it has been the culture of BUIB to send out refined students.

Speaking at the event, the Key note speaker Professor James Portwood reminded the students of the great choice they made to be part of BUIB and told them that their success will be influenced largely by the efforts they make in respecting the values of the institution.

While the management of the Baka University Institute of Buea has the professional capacity needed to take these students to their required destinations, the students on their part have the responsibility to be dedicated to studies if they have to emerge victors in the nearest future.

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