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Employee of The Month; Celebrating Mr. Fotabe Elvis (May 2024)

In a ceremony held yesterday 30th of May 2024 at the Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB), Mr. Fotabe Elvis, a dedicated cashier, was honored with the Employee of the Month award for May. The award was presented by the Vice Chancellor in the presence of the entire BUIB staff, marking a significant moment of recognition for outstanding service and commitment within the institution.

The selection process for the Employee of the Month was both thorough and democratic, ensuring that the most deserving candidate was recognized. The nomination process spanned three days, allowing ample time for BUIB staff to put forward names of colleagues who exemplified dedication, professionalism, and a strong work ethic. Following the nominations, voting took place yesterday, culminating in a clear decision that saw Mr. Fotabe Elvis emerge as the winner, with Mr. Ngalle Thomas being the runner-up.

Mr. Fotabe Elvis’s recognition as Employee of the Month is a testament to his hard work and the positive impact he has on his colleagues and the institution as a whole. His role as a cashier at BUIB goes beyond handling financial transactions; he has consistently demonstrated reliability, a cheerful disposition, and a willingness to go above and beyond in his duties.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Fotabe expressed his gratitude to his colleagues and the administration, stating, “I am deeply honored to receive this award. It means a lot to me to be recognized by my peers and the leadership of BUIB. I will continue to strive for excellence and contribute positively to our community”. The Vice Chancellor, while handing over the award, praised Mr. Fotabe’s dedication and highlighted the importance of such recognitions in fostering a motivated and cohesive workforce. “Mr. Fotabe’s commitment to his work and his exemplary attitude set a high standard for all of us. This award is a small token of our appreciation for his significant contributions to BUIB,” the Vice Chancellor remarked.

The Vice Chancellor commended both Mr. Fotabe and Mr. Ngalle Thomas, the runner-up, for their exemplary service, noting that such recognition is vital for fostering a motivated and dedicated workforce. The ceremony concluded with a round of applause for Mr. Fotabe, celebrating not only his achievements but also the spirit of excellence that drives BUIB forward.

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