Good News at BUIB! Overcoming the Challenge of NCLEX-RN Examination

Hurray! Come 2023, Biaka University Institute of Buea will take another giant step to increase the visibility and employability of its graduates  in the United States of America.   This institution which has been known worldwide for her excellence does not stay at the position of providing standard education, but goes beyond to ensure that her graduates are well placed in the international market. This explains why the university shall enter into partnership for her students to receive training for the NCLEX-RN Examination; one which graduates must take before having the license to practice as nurses in the United States of America.

This partnership shall be realized through the collaboration with Dr. Kevin Foy, an Oncology Practitioner at The Ohio State University Medical Center and an adjunct professor at Hondros College of Nursing in the USA.


During his visit to BUIB, Dr. Kevin handed some textbooks to the Vice Chancellor of BUIB Dr. Mrs. Francisca Hongla Biaka who expressed gratitude for this gesture. Talking to Dr. Kevin on why they chose BUIB for this partnership, he explained that “Biaka University Institute of Buea is known for her excellence and for attracting some of the brightest talents in the nation and her graduates are exceptional”. These books will be available at the BUIB’s Library for interested students.

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