Managing COVID-19: BUIB is set for June 1st school reopening

BUIB is ready to resume school come June 1st 2020.
The administration of Biaka University Institute of Buea has held a high level preparatory meeting to plan for the second phase of the academic year amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

The three hours meeting which was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr Francisca Hongla Biaka, flanked by her close collaborators brought together all full time and part time lecturers of the University.

During the meeting which took place on Wednesday May 27th 2020, BUIB management thanked lecturers for the enormous work put in since the 23rd of April 2020 when the second semester started with online classes and encouraged them to integrate the online system as part of the future of the teaching and learning process for the University.

Reports from Different School directors (school of management sciences and school of health sciences) say learning has been going on effectively on the BUIB eLearning portal and more than 60 per cent of the work has been covered this far.

They (Director of schools) added that, students have begun taking their continuous assessment (CA) on the university online portal and hope to effectively carry on revision and complete the rest of the syllabus when school resumes.

The occasion also provided lecturers the opportunity to be briefed by management on the measures put in place to prevent COVID-19 on campus and to ensure a COVID-19 free campus when students return.

Some of the measures taken by the University includes; production of huge quantities of hand sanitizers by the school of health Sciences, acquiring of thousands of face masks for all students and lecturers and hiring of experts to sanitize all class rooms and campus before students return on campus.

In addition, running water has been installed in all learning blocks; new learning spaces created and buckets of water placed in front of all entry points for students and lecturers to wash their hands before entering the classroom.

Lecturers were also told to slash large class rooms into different sessions while maintaining social distancing during studies as per the government’s instructions.

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