School of Agriculture. Available Soon!

Preparations are ongoing to host the new agricultural school of Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB). Over 2.5 hectares of land has been acquired in Mutengene –a town in the South West Region of Cameroon. Located by the major road linking Buea and Mutengene, this area is characterized by volcanic soil, humors in nature and strategically located for the teaching and research farm of the School.

The vision for this practical site is for the running of an integrated system of agriculture; a system of farming that utilizes different agricultural components in order to lower costs and raise efficiency of the farm. This process will involve combining crop production with livestock management that complement each other in a way that is economically viable and profitable, environmentally friendly, and benefiting from the diversity of production.

Visiting the site lately, a team from BUIB recorded positive reactions as the current work being done on the farm land is satisfactory. Currently crops like maize are being grown and organic fertilizers used in improving the yield.

Another practical farm acquired by BUIB is a 2.3 hectare of land in Wonya Nango – a village located in the upper part of Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon. Crops grown on this site currently include soya beans, plantain and yams.

BUIB looks forward to operating the School of Agriculture come the academic year 2022-2023. The School would serve the populace as a source of training, employment and food production.

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