The Fight Against COVID-19: BUIB Reaches Out To Drivers.

COVID-19, a reality in our community!!! Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) in a bid to join hands in the fight against COVID-19, has offered protective face masks, hand sanitizers as well as car stickers for COVID-19 awareness. This gesture by the management of BUIB is part of its corporate social responsibility to curb the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Targeting taxi drivers as well as bus drivers, who are also exposed to the pandemic as they come in contact with passengers daily, these beneficiaries expressed gratitude to BUIB for such a move and for having drivers at heart. Going with  the motto “knowledge and Service to Humanity” BUIB is not only committed to providing academic excellence in its schools of Education, Management and Health Sciences, but also engages in other activities that  impact community members and stakeholders. This 15th day of July 2020 has been recorded by drivers within the Buea municipality as one with a difference with BUIB being the author of this difference.

Author: Dr. Veronica Visemih Veronica Visemih

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