UB Professionals Visit BUIB

A host of Professionals from the University of Buea  (UB) recently paid a visit to their mentee institution Biaka  University Institute of Buea  (BUIB),to appraise the work done since the commencement of the two new Schools in  BUIB   –the school of Agricultural Sciences and the School of Engineering and Technology, this  academic year 2022/2023.

During the visit, the directors of the maiden schools revisited the mission and vision of the schools which focus on providing world class training with exceptional quality in research and community outreach with the goal of producing job creators.  They further added that the schools are manned with fine and experienced lecturers who are charged with the responsibly to provide holistic training to students both at the undergraduate and post graduate levels via a student centered learning approach.

 The Head of mission Professor Nol Alembong , DVC/ Teaching, Professionalization and Development  of information and communication technologies , voiced UB’s  satisfaction working with BUIB while reiterating the that mentorship is not a master servant relationship, but that of collaboration which BUIB has so far stood the test of time. The team of five appreciated the kick- off momentum by the new schools while calling on the administrators not to relent their efforts in making these new babies shine as expected.

Prof Fonkeng George , DVC in Charge of Academic Affairs and Research  at BUIB , extoled the team for their valued mentorship collaboration while promising that BUIB will stay at the helm of providing training as per the standards of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The visit was crowned by a campus tour to the library, laboratories and classrooms meant to enhance the teaching and learning process.

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