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IHS Cameroon S.A gifts BUIB an Industrial Generator

IHS Cameroon SA gifts BUIB an industrial generator

IHS Cameroon S.A, a Douala based company in charge of maintaining communication and digital assets in the country has donated an industrial generator to Biaka Hospital as part of its corporate social responsibility

The Biaka complex benefitted from this largess in a brief ceremony organized today July 19th 2023 around 10AM

The ceremony involved officials of the company and those from St Veronica Media Center (Biaka University Institute of Buea and Biaka hospital)

On hand to receive the gift was the CEO of St Veronica Medical Center Dr. Mrs. Francisca Hongla epouse Biaka who is also the Vice Chancellor of Biaka University Institute of Buea, Mr otto Singe, Adviser to the Vice Chancellor, Mr James Vusas, Healthcare manager of Biaka hospital, Dr. AKom Delbert, Quality Assurance officer of Biaka University Institute of Buea and a host of others

BUIB VC signs handing over note
BUIB VC signs handing over note

Upon receiving the gift, Dr Mrs. Francisca Biaka thanked IHS Cameroon S.A for the generator which she says was timely given the recurrent power outages in Buea, South west region of Cameroon.

She saluted the company for thinking of Biaka University Institute of Buea in their outreach program to the community and says the industrial generator will help save lives at the hospital especially during surgical operations

“I must say the gift is timely, it’s as if you knew the exact problems we were facing at the hospital” the smiling VC tells officials of HIS Cameroon S.A as she receives the gift after signing the handing over notes.

Generator handed by IHS cameroon S.A to BUIB
Generator handed by IHS Cameroon S.A to BUIB

The representative from IHS Cameroon SA Mr. Wegne told the BUIB boss that the gift has no strings attached and they also have a technician on standby to help resolve any technical issues which may result from the use of the generator.

He also noted that BUIB was only one of many recipients of such gifts from their company.

BUIB signs a Memorandum of Understanding with South West Development Authority (SOWEDA).

The School of Agricultural Sciences of Biaka University Institute of Buea has signed a major partnership agreement with South West Development Authority known by its acronym SOWEDA.

The partnership agreement was signed today July 13th 2023 at the conference room of SOWEDA with head of both institutions in attendance.

Welcoming the BUIB delegation, the General Manager of SOWEDA Dr. Besong Ntui OGORK saluted BUIB for its foresightedness in working with his organization to better train her students in the school of Agricultural Sciences.

The SOWEDA boss welcomed BUIB’s delegation and outlined other services offered by his organization which can help accompany BUIB in its drive to offer hands on training to her students.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Vice Chancellor of Biaka University Institute of Buea Dr/Mrs Francisca Hongla Epouse Biaka thanked SOWEDA for accepting to accompany BUIB to train professional experts in different Agricultural fields.

The VC noted that, BUIB’s school of Agricultural Sciences is a baby school in the University but added that this partnership puts the school in an excellent footing and the path of true professionalism in its training.

She highlighted her ‘15-man’ strong delegation as a symbol of BUIB’s commitment to the spirit of the partnership and the importance such partnership has in the life of BUIB as a whole.

The Partnership between BUIB and SOWEDA will give BUIB students and staff unhindered access to SOWEDA’S huge wealth of experience in the domain of Agriculture and Natural resources.

Students and officials in the school of Agricultural Sciences will interact with experts in SOWEDA, get hands-on-training and use SOWEDA’s heavy machinery and expertise to gain knowledge in their chosen discipline.

The South West Development Authority, SOWEDA was set up 1987 by presidential decree No.87/1874 official sing its creation and operation.

SOWEDA’s has as main mission  the continuous pursuit of ways to raise the standards of living of the rural population through agricultural development and the improvement of infrastructure like roads, markets, water supply schemes and electrification projects.

Post Graduate Students Take on Second Semester Examinations.

Post graduate students at Biaka University Institute Of Buea  (BUIB) are currently sitting for the second semester exams of both the School of Management Sciences and the School of Health Sciences for the 2021/2022 school year.  The examination which started this 12th day of July 2022 is expected to run for a period of one week.

According to the deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs and research Professor Fonkeng George, the quality of education passed onto these students cannot be questioned as the university ensured    that experienced and well trained lecturers with terminal degrees were available to teach students.

He added that during the period of classroom teaching, the university made flexible time tables that accommodated these students who are mostly workers that have come to improve on their professionalism. The training accorded them is job oriented and emphasizes the link with industries for practical knowledge he said. To facilitate hands on training, BUIB has entered into partnership with many industries including the Douala port authority amongst others.

Prof. Fonkeng added that BUIB is a reference point for excellence and in response to community demands, BUIB is opening its doors to receive students in the two new   schools; the School of Agriculture and the School of Engineering and Technology come this academic year 2022/2023.

It is worth noting that about 68 post graduate students are taking on the exams in their various discipline- management, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, and conflict, peace and humanitarian action among others.

On the other hand, MSc. programs written in the School of Health Sciences by some 95 post graduate students include Nursing, public health, pediatric nursing, mental health, nursing education, chemical pathology and more.

The post graduate exams are running simultaneously with undergraduate resist exams for 2021/2022 academic year.

A journey to eternity. Rest on Faithful Servant “Shu Fai”

Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little ; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your Master. (Matthew 25:23). It is with these words that the staff of Biaka University Institute of Buea, family, friends and well wishers gathered at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Great Soppo on Friday July 1st 2022 to bid farewell to Faay Tawong Dinayen Hyacenth Loweh.

, Faay Hyacenth
, Faay Hyacenth

Before his passing onto Glory in the early hours of June 24th 2022, Faay Hyacenth popularly called Shu Fai, was one of the longest serving and humble employee at St. Veronica Medical Centre where he served as the university’s accountant for over 20 years. The news of his death is still a nightmare to staff as they are still to accept that indeed a hero has fallen and rolled into the grave where they shall see him no more.
With heavy hearts, it is a reality that it is a big fall and a great loss by the Institution and what is left is to pray continously for his gentle soul to rest in Peace.

Shu Fai was lastly spotted publicly at the celebration of this year’s labour day – 1st of May which took place at the ceremonial grounds of Biaka University. During this event, he led the “Njang” dance group and the beautiful memory of how he sang, danced and played the drums is still very fresh.
Shu Fai after this event, took his annual leave to rest but he has gone to rest and will return no more.
Indeed we shall forever remember his great works. Journey well Shu Fai. Adieu!

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